2008 Is Back

Financials bad, commodities good.  That’s been the theme for 2008.  It was abandoned this quarter bit it appears to be back (for now).  It’s amazing how one week can change everything.  Commodities were dead a weak ago.  Now they love them.  Things aren’t that black and white.  I’ve been discussing whipsaw risk.  This is exactly what I mean.  If you were scared out of commodities and materials stocks the past couple of weeks, you’re missing a nice move.   In a week, it could be over.

I protected my materials stocks by purchasing SMN a while back, but sold it yesterday morning as it became evident the rally in commodities would continue.  The only way to play this market is to either stay out and wait because things are still bad or get in and trade.

I’m still hearing lots of good things about India.  The way to participate in that is INP.  Also, natural gas and copper look very good and I’ll be taking a look at those areas tomorrow.  I just don’t want too much exposure in any one area right now.

I’ll try to post my Crazy Investor Indicator picture tomorrow so you all can see where the fear-o-meter is.


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