Cramer vs. Stewart

In case you missed it last week (and I’m not sure how you would have), I have the video below of the exchange between CNBC’s Jim Cramer and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.  There had been some back and forth going on for a few days where basically Jon Stewart was getting on Cramer for not letting his viewers know about the crisis coming.  They finally met late last week and below are the 3 parts of the interview.  A couple of observations before you watch this.

I think Jon Stewart had some valid points.  However, I think it’s ludicrous that one person could have seen this coming and to accuse him & CNBC of that.  We saw a weak economy and trouble with the banks using all the leverage.  But nobody saw the swiftness in the stock market fall and the eventual crash.  In addition, nobody saw how fast the global economy could really fall.  So, I didn’t think it was fair to beat up on one guy for all of this stuff.  On the other hand, I also find it laughable that he’s picking on Cramer.  Cramer has been extremely incorrect and inconsistent on his views so I’m not sure why Stewart was picking on him.  I also found it interesting why Cramer didn’t stand up for himself.  He sat there like a punching bag.  Anyways, entertaining television nevertheless.  Judge for yourself.


1 Response to “Cramer vs. Stewart”

  1. 1 tvwatcher March 16, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    Disclosure – I watch Cramer and subscribe to some of the stuff on his website.
    Having said that lemme say that it was Cramer that got me interested in the stock market and listening to guys like Karl. I’m not gonna debate how accurate or inaccurate he is. However for ppl who just listen to him blindly and buy a stock based on what he recommends is just plain stoopid! Its like listening to the weatherman who sez its gonna rain this weekend and there’s noth’n but sun. I listen to Cramer just to get ideas and to do further research. There r several times which I disagree with him and proven right but the reverse also happens.
    If u just buy a stock based solely on what he or Karl or any other stock personality sez then this isn’t 4 u. (By the way I think Cramer sez the same thing on his show about doing ur own research.

    But the most important thing is that the interview was not about Cramer. Jon Stewart said it twice when he quoted carly simon “It ain’t all about you”. Its just that Cramer became the face of it (which was also his fault by playing to up to it all week). It was a wider sweep at the financial media for not highlighting the underlying threats that has now blown up. But it all got drowned out with the ‘Cramer vs Stewart’ hype.

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