I mentioned on my radio show today that if the bulls could come back from yesterday’s nasty day and push the Dow Jones up over 200 today, we’d have ourselves a real battle.  After a couple of bad down days, the best things the bulls can do is push it up higher with some conviction.  We had the 200 point gain until late in the day when the sell off occured.  The major averages finished up about 1.5% but gave up half the gains.  The sell off  started when GM announced that they had told dealers that GM was 36% below their monthly new car sales goal.  Why would the market sell off because of that?  Because there are still active sellers selling on any negative news.  If that’s what causes investors to sell, then we might have more to fall.  Up until that point in the day, it was a pretty strong day.  Up 200 points and the volume was a little more than the previous two days.  But, the lack of conviction has to make you worry.  There are still some interesting looking charts out there that look like they have further to go.  I mentioned a few yesterday and will keep scanning the market for more.   


Many of you have asked has my radio show has gone of the air.  When I switched to the 10:00 a.m. time slot, I stopped being aired in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  However, those in the DFW area can still hear me streaming at  or you can hear the podcasts after the fact anytime on demand.  For those in Houston and San Antonio, you can still hear me on the local Biz Radio Network station. 


I’ll be on Fox Business tomorrow morning at 8:10 a.m. & 8:30 a.m. CST.


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