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A singularity is a point at which an otherwise continuous mathematical progression becomes effectively infinite, implying that all continuous extrapolation breaks down beyond that point. Technological singularity refers to the hypothesis that technological progress will reach such an infinite or extremely high value at a point in the near future.

The idea is inspired by the observation of accelerating change in the development of wealth, technology, and humans’ capability for information processing.[dubious – discuss] Extrapolating these capabilities to the future has led a number of thinkers to envisage the short-term emergence of a self-improving artificial intelligence or superintelligence[1] that is so much beyond humans’ present capabilities that it becomes impossible to understand it with present conceptions.

It is alternately suggested that a singularity could come about through amplification of human intelligence to the point that the resulting transhumans would be incomprehensible to their purely biological counterparts. The technological singularity is posited as a metasystem transition or transcendence to a wholly new regime of mind, society, and technology. (Source: Wikipedia)

Above is the definition of singularity. This video puts it into perspective how fast technology is changing. It’s not just changing but it’s changing at a rapid pace. That will not only affect our lives, but our investments.



Intel’s strong earnings on Thursday weren’t that big of a surprise given the fact that Windows 7 is now firmly in place.  After the bell, Intel beat sales & earnings expectations giving the stock a boost.  Barring some short-term pullbacks, this clears the way for higher prices for tech in general.  Windows 7 was released last fall and it’s beginning to trickle through tech land, just like low interest rates and stimulus trickled through the financial system.  Most businesses I know still use Windows XP and skipped Vista all together.  Vista looked different and acted different but was too unstable to run a business on.  In addition, many vendors of software that I used simply weren’t compatible with Vista.  Windows 7 is now Vista without all the bugs.  It’s more secure than XP and basically it’s just time to move on.  It’s becoming harder and harder to even find a new computer installed with Windows XP.  Businesses now have a reason to upgrade.  Microsoft was the bowling ball and some of the pins are Intel, Marvel Technologies, Sandisk, Applied Materials, Texas Instruments, etc.  I expect more strong earnings from these guys as well over the next few weeks.  IBM announces their earnings on the 19th and they should be excellent.  You can get fancy owning individual companies but I still like the ETFs in this space like IGM & XLK.

With strong tech results coming, stronger bank results would add even more life to this impressive bull market.  JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, & US Bancorp all report over the next few days.  Strong results from the financial sector give investors that were hesitant another reason to buy.  As I see it right now, there’s simply no sellers.  Any bad news is being ignored and investors are focusing on low rates, an improving economy, and better news from companies.  I would caution those of you that are under invested and dying to get into this market.  I would be patient and average in because while the light is still very green to buy stocks, the short-term is getting a little overheated.  A lot of sectors and stocks are participating in this rally which is very bullish, but bull markets pause and breathe.  So, in the short-term, be guarded but this bull market isn’t done yet.


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